As a copywriter for the creative industries, I aim to empower independent artists and creative projects through the power of the written word.

Below are some examples of the types of copy I am most often asked to write, however I’m always more than happy to tailor my copywriting services to suit your specifications – feel free to get in touch HERE.

You can also check out some samples of my work HERE.


Ok, you already know how important your website is. That’s why you’ll need website copy that it is appealing, concise and distinctive to your brand. Whether you’re an online store, creating a project, hosting an event, connecting with fans or simply getting your name out there, I’m passionate about creating engaging website content that will make you stand out.


Do you have a new release, art exhibition or film screening coming up? Perhaps a celebrity just wore your custom-made dress, you were featured in a collaboration or got a shout-out from the biggest names in the biz? A press release is both your time to shine and a way to boost publicity by letting people know who you are, what you’ve been up to and why they should be paying attention to your brand. I can write you a strong, savvy press release that is tailored to your target audience, and can also be used as written content for your social media or in-house campaigns.


Think about your biography as a type of business card. It is an enduring representation of who you are as an artist, as a brand and as a creative. You are what makes you brand unique: your history, your credentials, your achievements. Yet having to write about yourself can also be a little tricky, I get it. Whether you need a short bio for a promotion or an in-depth ‘About Us’ page for your website, I can bring a fresh, objective perspective that combines public relations and creative copywriting, to add spark to your story and allow you to put your best foot forward.


Everyone loves a good blog. It enhances your presence online and gives you the space to say everything you want to say. It’s a great way to present your creative process, connect with your followers, delve into various aspects of you work, give fans behind-the-scenes access and a whole lot more, all while enhancing brand awareness and connectivity. Blog posts are an invaluable resource that allows readers an in-depth perspective of a brand, while encouraging consumer engagement through targeted content and feedback. I specialise in writing blog posts that are personalised and engaging, yet infused with a subtle marketing nuance to strengthen your brand’s impact.


Newsletters are for your true believers – the fans, customers and appreciators who are not just content to scroll through your social media, but want updates straight to their inbox. In turn, this is your unique opportunity to engage with a captive audience: the perfect way to promote a new release, sell merchandise, provide tour updates and direct your followers to where you’d most like them to go – whether that be your online store, to buy tickets to your show, or to visit your website. I can write copy for newsletters that informs, engages and promotes your brand, while calling readers to action.